Monday, March 19, 2012

Three Great Business Tips for Success

I learn lots of fun things that drive business. I like to share fun and prosperity-generating information with all of you. Here are some great tips for success.

Every member of your team is a salesperson. People get stuck in their "roles" and don't realize they project the company everywhere they go. You in some respects are the brand. When you're out networking, always seize the opportunities. These opportunities will present themselves to you at all turns. You need to be on, alert and ready to pounce. If you own the company, set up a reward system for everyone to participate. It doesn't matter if it's your secretary. If he or she sells something for the company, reward him or her.

Every member of your team must participate in social media. You can't keep ignoring the power of social media. If you use social media the right way and not just to post your pictures of your cats and kittens or your drinking shots, you will attract business. Your staff should be expected to leverage their own social media network to promote business. I am now getting near daily queries via social media. I am messaged all of the time about the company. It is spreading the word about my brand. And don't limit your network. You don't know whom you might be connected to. Expand and grow your network beyond the people you know and move out into their connections.

Mind your image and align it with your market and brand. So when I released the California Girl Chronicles trailer, I switched up my profile picture to be a little less formal and a little sexy. The book is romantic, sexy and fun. I want to make sure that I, as the author, project a matching brand. Of course, I don't want to be tacky or tasteless in that projection, because I am a class act as is the book. But if you're going to write about physical fitness, you better be a fit person. If you're going to write about cooking, you better cook. If you're going to write about romantic, sexy fun, you better be sexy and fun. Otherwise people won't buy it and you lose credibility!

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