Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Sexiest Scenes Don't Always Involve Sex!

If you've watched our so-called scandalous California Girl Chronicles trailer on You Tube, you may have noticed it was very sexy, and yet not one moment of actual "sex" was described. We had a few viewers comment about its intoxicating allure and more than one comment that it was "soft core". I feel the need to point something out about this trailer. I has no skin, profanity or description of actual sex. The scene describes nothing more than a first encounter and a kiss. You listened carefully right? Brea is describing the first time she kisses Kale and how she feels about it. In describing her feelings, it's evident she is turned-on and would like there to be sex, but there is none ... yet. When you write alluring scenes, it's about writing it with the "feelings" and thoughts in mind. You pull the reader into the desires. You do not need to describe an act to make it sexy and titillating. Sometimes writers make the mistake of just getting down to business -- and that is not to suggest in California Girl Chronicles Brea doesn't get down to business. But I have seen books where there is no real build-up to anything at all. Characters shift from a degree of attraction right into a kiss and romp. Take your time. Let the character's feelings develop. Show their attraction. Use moments and touches and suggestions of desire. If your book centers on a specific romance, employ the tools to build to the payoff. You can capture the reader's imagination without forcing two people quickly into the bedroom.

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  1. There is so much to be said for and about leaving things to the readers imagination.