Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dreaming of Alexander Skarsgard!

Now I can't say which girlfriend sent me this message this morning, but it was pretty darned funny. She said she dreamt that she got caught in bed with Alexander Skarsgard by her husband. And she blamed me because it was all part of my diabolical plan to write about it in one of my books. Of course, I woke up for work this morning with this message in my in-box and started cracking up. Wow! I now apparently have set up my girlfriends to get caught cheating with the Swedish actor ... AND it's all part of my evil intentions to come up with good book material. Hmm ... now that's an interesting premise: I'll set up all of my girlfriends with miscellaneous hot guys to get caught cheating or maybe just to experiment to see what happens. Will they get caught? Maybe they'll fall in love ... ! Yes, that's it! I now have a grand master plan for endless amounts of book material all at the expense of my girlfriends' marriages. What divine genius! I must now thank my girlfriend for her inspiration this morning. Thank you friend! ;)

P.S. Please help me make our book trailer for California Girl Chronicles, a viral success. Please pass the link around and enjoy. Here is the link to the You Tube Trailer. BTW, it's very hot and sexy ... so enjoy!!


  1. Um, your cat doesn't make the same sounds that my cat(s) make....

  2. Oh, you must be referring to the "mooing" kitty for S Productions. I suspect that cat doesn't make that same sound that anybody's cat makes! ;)