Monday, March 5, 2012

A Perfect California Springtime and a Nice Interview

I used to work for the California Department of Water Resources many, many years ago. Every year no matter how much or little rain we received, the department seemed to consistently deliver a solemn outlook on our water supply. A friend of mine mentioned this over the weekend, and I laughed and agreed. So, I decided that I don't care that we don't have heavy rainfall this year (last year's late rain more than made up for it). I am going to revel in the magnificent early California spring weather. The sunshine combined with the perfect temperature made my trip to the North Coast absolutely perfect, as you can see from the beautiful pictures I am posting. We strolled the Fort Bragg Botanical Gardens, which I've passed numerous times in the fog and declined to visit. A foggy, cold day does not entice a stroll. And while most people think California and sunny beaches, let me tell you: come July and August, the California North Coast beaches are not always sunny. Quite the contrary, the North Coast can be bone-chilling cold and foggy.

All right, onto more practical business. I recently did an interview on California Girl Chronicles as Author of the Week on Full Moon Bites. If you would like to read it, please click here. I still have notes coming in from readers who just finished the book. The common sentiment is always, "I couldn't put the book down." When I wrote it, I gave each new chapter to early readers, who also said the same thing and demanded I keep going so they could find out what Brea would do next. The second book in the series comes out this summer. It will be available only on my book tour, with my first stop in Chicago. Some lucky convention attendees will be able to buy what is not publicly available. Now if you cajole me just enough, you might be able to get a copy, too. In the meantime, you will have to wait for its official summer release just in time for beach-time reading. For more information, go my website at or send an email to

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