Friday, March 2, 2012

Alexander's Dating Habits ... Um None of Your Business!

As many of you know, I track certain topics and people I am keeping an eye on their careers for a reason. Well, I set my Google Alerts to Alexander Skarsgard a long time ago. It serves two purposes: one, I by proximity get to see what else is going on with my favorite show True Blood and Season 5; and second, I can see his projects under way. Now a third outcome of tracking that provides nothing but idle hands and time is the gossip that swirls around our Swedish actor. So, I read some of it if I'm bored. He recently via a conversation (which is really funny in and of itself) got linked to the younger Olsen sister, Lizzie. Here is what didn't necessarily surprise me but kind of made me shake my head and laugh. I actually read the Celebrity Cafe, because I've been considering advertising California Girl Chronicles in it. I am not planning to advertise until we exhaust our public relations campaign. None the less, I know the Celebrity Cafe content well enough. So, I saw a gossip piece from it and clicked away. The writer was actually chastising Skarsgard's choice in blonds! What? Yes, and it was pretty amusing. She spent an entire page lecturing him about dating blonds and the hazards of dating another actress LOL. Really? What the heck? Is she his mother or what? Aside from the fact that who he dates is 200 percent none of anybody's business, she has no business telling him his business either! This little article once more reaffirmed my eye-rolling over the intrusive nature of gossip rags and paparazzi. In fact, the other day I was talking to a friend, and the television was on. On came the show TMZ (it was late afternoon), and this person on his own noted how rude and intrusive the paps were with the actors they were hounding. I nodded and commented I've been discussing the intrusive nature of it on my blog. Yet I think this article took the intrusiveness just another step further. Providing personal advice about who people should or should not date in your article ... hmm ... what boundary did that cross? Maybe we'll call it the psychoanalysis boundary! And for the record, I have some thoughts on why I think famous people should quit trying to get together with other famous people, as its not a very good formula for long-term relationships, but I will keep my two cents in my pocket!

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