Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why I Heart 3L Publishing!

I've read some business owners who have complaints about owning the business. I see absolutely no downside to it not when you compare the downside to corporate. When I listen to friends bemoan their corporate situations, I am constantly reminded why I have no interest in working for someone else. So why do I love owning the business?

My corporate attire consists of either a purple or blue bathrobe that I switch out of into comfortable clothes around, say, noon. I tossed out every suit in my closet years ago. I actually donated them to Goodwill to help other women dress for success. Yes, my good, ole bathrobe. No wedgies. No nylons (ack, does anyone wear nylons anymore?). No dry cleaning bills. Love it.

I don't commute, and therefore I don't pollute. My commute looks like this: roll out of bed and stumble into office chair. No fear of greenhouse emissions here. I have a very low carbon footprint. I sleep in right up until my day gets under way.

Yes, I am responsible for the bottom line success, but in being responsible I can own the wins and losses. When I worked corporate and wanted a raise even when I had attracted the business, it didn't matter. I had to constantly fight and justify my way clear to money I was attracting to the business. I had to watch people who were far less deserving benefit from my efforts. I had to put up with political backstabbing. Now if I want to make more money, I put in the effort and I reap the rewards. I don't have to beg, plead, borrow or steal to get what I deserve (not entitled to ... big difference).

Yes, I work a lot, but I trade that for freedom to do things my way and live my way. I don't have to ask permission anymore. I can't even imagine asking anymore. If I need time off, I take time off. If I need a vacation, I take a vacation. If I need a sabbatical, I take a sabbatical. Yet I don't need one anyway. I am doing exactly what I love to do. Why would I take time off from my passion?

Nobody can steer me off my passion. I remember once this woman in HR tried to get me to do a different job that didn't involve writing. I remember thinking she totally didn't get it. It wasn't just about having a job. Writing and publishing are my life. I live to do these things. I remember when she said the most ridiculous thing that I would adjust, I wanted to shake her. She clearly didn't know what she was suggesting, which was for me to give up my passion and purpose. Now I don't have to put up with these clueless "suggestions".

If you're considering going into business for on your own, do it! Don't let naysayers stop you. You will never find anything more rewarding then owning the business.

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