Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips to Use the New Social Media Tumblr

I am learning so much about how to work with Tumblr and create a following for Brea's Blog. I am still learning, and I suspect I have a long way to go. In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of tips and my favorite bloggers/blogs.

1. I noticed you need to find common ground and interests with your Tumblr "mates". I am a huge True Blood fan. I love other shows too, but the show has so many compelling characters that I find interesting to discuss with others. It is also based on Charlaine Harris' book series, which gives it even more fodder to discuss as opposed to just the TV show. So I started following some of the Tumblr blogs that focus more generally on the books and show than just an obsession with a single character on the show. Believe me when I say there are some serious (and I mean serious) fan sites on Tumblr.

2. Participate in your community of interest. Once you start participating in your community of interest versus just blogging your own content you will start to attract followers. I'm not saying don't put good content on your site. I'm just suggesting that if you do run out of fresh material or ideas, go Tumble with your mates. You will enjoy the discussions too. I've found that the more literary-interested channels are in a small way like a book club. You get to dissect your favorite subject and hear some refreshing perspectives on the material. I am really enjoying that part.

3. Keep your content interesting, fresh and relevant. I had one person suggest I re-blog other Internet information. I prefer to write my own content or at least comment on the content provided. Since I am promoting my creative projects, I want to post material from those projects and provide commentary about it too. If you are a fan of my new book California Girl Chronicles, Brea's Blog is where you'll unearth many nuggets about book two and updates on the book's progress with Hollywood.

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