Saturday, January 21, 2012

California Girl Chronicles Available at 3L Publishing

Hugely annoyed that California Girl Chronicles is out of stock on Amazon and not yet available in bookstores? Well, you can purchase a copy at the 3L Publishing website and forget waiting for Amazon to restock. Our distributor Bakers and Taylor will not start listing the title until March, so it will take time to weave into the stores. In the meantime, you can get it at 3L Publishing, and you're really supporting me, the author, and not Amazon, which I'm sure doesn't need all of your support anyway. We've had over 20 book reviewers request the book this week.

Here is what the book is about: Meet Brea Harper, she is the next Carrie Bradshaw only transplanted in Los Angeles. Funny, witty, beautiful, and very sexy, Brea takes readers on a wild ride into her outrageous romantic and professional life. Demoralized and forced to work in what she calls bikini hell just to make ends meet, Brea pursues her career to become a screenwriter only to be continuously distracted by hot men. Delightfully misguided, Brea makes poor choices many women of all ages will find highly relatable. She is one of those unforgettable characters readers love to love.

Please note: the book contains sexy content. If you don't like shows like Sex in the City, this book isn't for you. But if you love a book that is funny and entertaining AND sexy, then you'll adore Brea's adventures. If you email me directly at michelle@3LPublishing, I will give you a little discount and sell it for $10 plus I will autograph it for you. Considering our upcoming meetings with TV producers, this could end up a TV series and you've got your own autographed copy ;).  

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