Thursday, January 19, 2012

Phooey! Who Wants to See a Bromance with Eric Northman and Bill When They Can See Romance?

True Blood Season Five spoilers are starting to drop. And so it seems that my favorite Viking Eric Northman will share a hinted at "bromance" time with our "southern comfort" vampire Bill (see article). Ugh! Who wants to see that? Not me. Bring on the great "shipping" of Eric and Sookie and forget "bromancing the bill". All right Truebies, you all raise your hands if this is what you want to see in Season Five? As my friend Sonya cites as her favorite Michelle phrase, "Hell to the no!" So not interested in this "dynamic duo". I fear we'll be put on hold minimally another 12 episodes before we see our Viking God reunited with his fairy princess. Doesn't the True Blood writing team know that we all can't get enough of Sookie and Eric? Can't we at least get a single season of how they would be as a real couple with our vampire's memory actually functioning? I mean come on, we had to spend two agonizing season watching Sookie and Bill fail miserably as a couple. Give us at least one "regular" Eric and Sookie season before you send them shipping to Narnia World (that's an inside joke and throwback to their Scandinavian-forest bed romp). Are we to assume, we get to stay on the downward slope the writing started to take at the very end of Season Four? Come on writers: hear your fans roar! We don't need MORE Eric-Bill time! Give us Eric and Sookie, and I promise your ratings will soar!!!

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