Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jensen Ackles vs. Alexander Skarsgard ... Really?

Fan sites absolutely and without a doubt just give me nothing but utter smiles. Now we have a poll, yes another infamous poll, asking whether Jensen Ackles from Supernatural could beat Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood in a fight. Jensen is winning our vampire Viking by a serious margin. I have to tell you, I only find these little gems that make me laugh every time, because of my Google Alerts. I don't go out surfing to find them. I'm not amazed that someone made this up on a fan site. You see all sorts of different things on fan sites. Don't get me started on what people do on fan sites that would astound and boggle your mind. It's the rabid outcry and response in the comments by the other fans. Wow! And double wow! People take their characters soooooo seriously. Oh, the furious scorn and outrage if you even remotely say one, little unpopular comment. It's utterly crazy to me fans get this, well, "into" it. I even sat down the other day, and a girl started talking to me about my heroine Brea Harper from California Girl Chronicles as if she were her nearest and dearest. As the author, I found myself in Bizarro world. I didn't know what to say. A big part of me wanted to say, "You know she's not real, right?" Oh, a fine line seems to exist between the real and the imagined. In the meantime, while you're all taking a poll about whether or not Ackles could kick Skarsgard's cold, dead butt? Here's a real-life fact? Anyone ever notice that the person, the real guy, Skarsgard is like 6 feet 4 inches and built like a solid tree? Did you see him in Strawdogs where he picked and threw James Marsden like a twig against the wall? I'm going to put a hefty wager that one would NOT want to pick any kind of a fight with Mr. Skarsgard. I'm pretty sure that's a losing proposition. Just saying!!

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