Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thank You to Eric and Sookie Lovers Blog

Eric and Sookie Lovers Posted this Picture!
I want to personally thank Erika over at the Eric and Sookie Lovers blog who has reposted two of my blogs. She also allowed me to use some of her very cool pictures, and this one to the left was her response to my big shout out, "Hell to the no" to the "bromance" idea between vampires Eric Northman and Bill Compton on the forthcoming Season 5 of True Blood. Nobody seems to be Team Erill! Or is that Errrrrrill! We all keep praying to the great shrine of Alan Ball that maybe, just maybe he's throwing us all off! No shipping Eric and Bill! Maybe he just planted that idea to send us all screaming into the Scandinavian forest in Narnia where Bill will be tossed down the Wardrobe and fed to the Lion and the Witch! How about that one?! Although my disappointed little shipper heart noticed that right before Season 4, Alexander Skarsgård hinted about what was coming, and it turns out the hints were accurate to what happens in Season 4. Darn it! Other spoilers dropped indicate a budding love interest with our resident werewolf Alcide and Sookie. Now please, refer to picture on left to figure out how I feel about that one!! Insert those first two words _____ and ______ and voile! You got it.

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