Sunday, January 22, 2012

California Girl Chronicles: True or False

It's Sunday and I only do fun things on Sunday for the blog. I get asked all of the time, "Are you Brea?" And I tell people "no" all of the time. So what do Brea and I share in common? Here you go:

We both worked on a magazine. I worked on several over the course of my long career, and I was promoted to publisher of California Computer News. It wasn't until about two years ago that I pulled back writing magazine features to focus exclusively on 3L Publishing's books. Brea's magazine stint lasts only a few months before she's laid off with the infamous day-glow pink slip. I've never been laid off in my entire career. 

Brea's best friend's name is Denise. My lifetime best friend's name is also Denise. Denise in Brea's world has zero in common with my beloved Denise. Denise in California Girl Chronicles is an exhibitionist and very direct and messy. My Denise is none of those things. 

Brea is a screenwriter. Yes, I am also a screenwriter. I would not be able to write authentically about that experience without having firsthand knowledge of what it's like to do it. In book two, which is unreleased, and Brea steps onto a film set for the first time and realizes it all came from her head, well, that is how I felt, too. I didn't lose it the way she does, but I did introvert a little. Brea's screenwriting career comes to her much, much easier than mine has. I am still working to really breakthrough. My goal is to write one novel and one screenplay a year. When California Girl Chronicles gets picked up as a TV series, I will write episodes and write one book and run 3L Publishing. Brea has the good fortune of getting into a love affair with a powerful Hollywood producer, Kale who thinks she has incredible talent and mentors her. 

Brea attracts sexual drama. Unfortunately, I have had some unpleasant sexual-harassment moments throughout my career. You don't see most of her workplace sexual drama until book two, but in book one she is a magnet for men and some unusual come-ons. Been there and done that too just not quite in the same situations. 

Brea's men. Well, let's just say there are small traits in her men of some guys I've met over the years. I cannot point to any one man I have known and say one way or the other, this one is X or that one is Y. Each has elements and characteristics of some men I've met. They are kind of a stew of mixed ingredients. 

Private matters. The one thing you will absolutely never see revealed in any of my books is my private life. I don't believe in bringing my private life into my art. You will also not be privy to my private likes and dislikes in any upcoming interviews either. I've been asked and I declined to discuss. I think it's more interesting not telling and protecting some part of my world that just isn't up for public consumption. And it's more fun for readers not knowing all the answers to the "why?"

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