Friday, January 27, 2012

What Eyebrows, Skarsbrows, Eric and Sookie Lovers and Ship Eric and Sookie have in Common?

You have to love Cheryl Mullick and Tre Bella Spa!
Check them brows! If I had a picture of the original
state of the brows, you would really catch my thrill
over what she does with "the frame to your face."
It's Friday! And like Sunday, I don't feel like posting a serious blog. Besides, have you ever gotten so behind on your projects that you just have to shrug? What are you going to do? There are only so many hours in day, right? So today rather than rant and rave and go off on some tangent, I thought I would focus on nothing important at all. Like I said, it's Friday. Soon, I will also galavant off to Tre Bella Spa owned and operated by my dear friend Cheryl Mullick, who gave me the infamous "dirty girl" quote on the cover of California Girl Chronicles, enjoy Rain Drop therapy and get some eyebrow landscaping done. And you know what else, just because I love Cheryl's ability to take what originally looks like a caterpillar and turn it into an amazing shapely line, here is a great close-up of her work (see picture). My other dear friend said to me the other day (she sees Cheryl, too) that she marveled over my love of my brows. I chuckled and told her she didn't see the "before" picture!! Okay, all right I am moving on ... back to something even more frivolous (although, you know, eyebrows do count).

Here are two favorite and meaningless things I love to do online when I have a spare moment.

My current favorite blog -- Eric and Sookie Lovers -- Erika, the blog administrator, is a doll. I've been corresponding periodically with her, and I booked her on First Word Radio. She came to my attention when she re-blogged one of my pieces on my favorite character Eric Northman. I love her site. It is all things both book and TV show Eric and Sookie. While I enjoy True Blood, it's the characters of Eric and Sookie that I tune in each season to see what happens next. Her blog is loaded with fun games and trivia. She has an amazing following of relatively mild-mannered fans. Some of those fans sites ... whew! Watch out. Fan sites can get a little crazy with perhaps an over-abundance of snarky enthusiasm. I once said I didn't like Sookie's peter-pan collar in Season 4 before they go to confront the witches, and oh no! Don't say anything against the wardrobe anywhere near some of those fan sites lest you prepare yourself to take cover. No, Eric and Sookie Lovers seems to be filled with like-minded and "tame" fans. I have yet to see anything terribly disturbing on this site. You see I get a little troubled when people start using actor's private parts for their profile pictures. And I'm not going to go off about what I saw yesterday on Tumblr that if I were brave with a good weapon, I would commented about the huge inappropriateness of it. Alas, do take comfort in the good, clean fun on Eric and Sookie Lovers.

Ship Eric and Sookie -- Yes, do you see a theme here. I do love my True Blood. This gal is very, very funny in her You Tube video posts. Her video in which she protests copyright infringement legislation, SOPA not to be mistaken for Mexican soup, was hysterical. When she started called True Blood "Authentic Hemoglobin," I just LMAO. She then taped over the logo on her Merlotte's T-shirt and that did me in. She is a riot! Her videos are funny and insightful commentaries on the show, too. I've seen every single one and I can't wait from week to week to see her latest. She sometimes tries new things, but I love her core videos the best.

All right that's all folks. And yes, I realize this blog was a complete frivolous waste of time. But did you like it? I know I did. So on with the show. P.S., I must answer my headline question: and that would be "nothing."

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