Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Alexander Skarsgård at HBO Golden Globe After Party

Alexander Skarsgård 
Oh darn! I tried to grab the entire set of pictures of the True Blood cast at the Golden Globe HBO After Party ... but ah shucks! Look who was the only picture I managed to download LOL. Whoops! Or maybe not exactly whoops ... perhaps apropos since Alexander Skarsgard plays my favorite character on the show, Eric Northman. And hey! Guess what! He looks cheerful. Let's see why would he look cheerful here and not so much in the recent paparazzi snaps? Hmm ... let me mess with you for one moment. Maybe it's because, well, it's an event. It's expected to walk the red carpet for promotion of the show. Um, he's not being stalked and snapped while eating or drinking or (more famously) coming or going from the gym! Which reason do you think? All right I am so being a brat here and I know it. In defense of all celebrities who don't like photos snapped of them while they eat or drink in particular, I must point out that no one not even the photographers like to be photographed whilst stuffing their faces full of food! Come on! How many times have you been at a party and someone snapped you dipping the chips and shoving them in your mouth? Let me ask, "Just how attractive do you think you look in those photos anyway?" As an homage to my dear, old friend Lynette Day, who for 10 years straight managed to snap a candid shot of me eating something at her parties, I can safely say I didn't look great in any of those shots! If I had one I could dig out for you to nod in agreement, I would! Well, now imagine being a celebrity with photographers taking never-ending shots of you eating, drinking or even smoking (not that Skarsgard smokes), but still! NOT attractive!! Just saying! And how was your day :).

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