Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Movie Review: Contagion

I saw the trailer for this movie in the theaters and was interested to see it. Since it's not easy to get out to the movies, I waited for it to come out on DVD. This movie is worth the rental price and more. It seems like most movies these days that are made for an adult audience just aren't that great. I only occasionally run into one I would give a perfect four-star rating -- and Contagion is one of them. As a writer, I was struck with the enormous amount of research that had to go into getting the science and math right. I was impressed with the knowledge that went into the writing. Movies like Contagion can easily get bogged down in the science or just the opposite get bogged down in the focus on the gore and sickness. Contagion walked a fine line between the story, science and conspiracy. It managed multiple story lines with seamless and adept ease, and it kept me interested to the very end. When I can stay engaged for an entire two-hour film then it's a great movie. It also reminded me of the fragility of our civilized society, and how rapidly that civility can be broken by panic and fear. I highly recommend you go out and rent or buy Contagion -- it will be time and money well spent.

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