Friday, January 13, 2012

Valentine's Oscar Party and Carrie Preston (aka Arlene on True Blood)

I am a reserved fan, which means I am too shy to go and openly gush on actors and actresses. I know my friends are shaking their heads and thinking, "Shy? Who is she kidding?" Well, let me share a little story. Even as the screenwriter on my produced film Virtual Seduction, I could barely bring myself to go talk to the star of the movie, Jeff Fahey. I wrote the movie, and yet I held back and my screen-writing partner had to practically drag me over to talk to him. He did sign my original script. Fast forward, I am the publisher of the book A Feast at the Beach, and Lisa Kudrow is in attendance at a party for the 3L published book, and it wasn't until I downed a martini did I drag my sorry ass over to talk to her. So, you can see I'm not big on jumping on the celebrity worship bandwagon, unless of course I've had some liquid courage. Well, I am one of the sponsors for a Valentine's Oscar party, and I noticed Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene is on an extensive list of celebrities in attendance. My dear readers know I am a huge True Blood fan. So I told my associate Sonja Fisher I want to make sure I get a picture with her on this blog. Sonja, a true extrovert, says no problem. I countered that once more I would need liquid courage. Here is the cool part. My book California Girl Chronicles is going into all of the celebrity swag bags. I love the idea she might read it. And if she's really paying attention, she'll notice the physical similarities between my producer character Kale and her co-star (our resident Viking Vampire). You know what I'm hoping, don't you? Of course, you do. You never know how things work. I would much rather she notice on her own then standing there like an idiot and asking her to pass on the book. First, since I've seen other screenwriters who don't adhere to protocol get a little inappropriate at movie screenings and pitch at the absolutely wrong moments, I don't want to be like one of those guys LOL. So, we'll just keep positive thoughts and avoid that whole deal.

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