Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman to Jane Adams as Tanya Skagle: Favorite Characters from 2011

#1 Eric Northman, True Blood
Without a doubt, Eric Northman topped the list in 2011. As played by the incomparable Alexander Skarsguard, Season 4 of True Blood delivered a vulnerable, emotive and sweet performance of amnesiac Eric. I liked Eric Northman in the earlier seasons, but he did not begin to capture my attention until Season 2's episode "I will rise up" when Eric begs his maker Godric not to kill himself. The utter devastation and emotion portrayed by Skarsgard broke my heart. Season 3 delivered a consistent showing and sealed this character as a complex hero (not villain). While I enjoy True Blood, it is Eric Northman who keeps me coming back for more. Skarsgard has amazing chemistry with Anna Paquin's Sookie, and this year we got to see lots of it. One of the sexiest pictures I've ever seen (above) was captured when they moved into the house. Skarsgard uses his hands, and those hands are all up in her hair. The photo is stunning, beautiful, raw and erotic. Note to other actors, watch what this actor does with his hands. The hands are on the face, tangled in the hair, and all over the body! Truly, truly gorgeous (yes, gorgeous not just sexy).

Tanya Skagle, Hung
Tanya played by Jane Adams is such a mess with heart, you have to love her. I heard the show got canceled too. None the less, the character of Tanya was funny, often misguided, but always (in the end) smart enough to out maneuver her rival pimp. What I really appreciated about Tanya was that she came across as a real woman. Jane Adams is a quirky-looking actress who brought reality to her character. She wasn't quintessentially beautiful, which made Tanya more real, interesting and funny to watch. It's too bad the show isn't coming back. I completely enjoyed her scenes, and this year's favorite was when she got handcuffed to the light pole while Ray took care of "business" with the cop.

Entourage -- The Entire Cast
Entourage fun came to an end last summer. I watched all eight seasons without fail. I know many episodes backward and forward. I always enjoyed Ari and Vince the most, but the boys never failed to entertain. Johnny "Drama" just got funnier and funnier each season. Ari was such a driven madman who dropped the best and most memorable lines. I can't even remember everything that came out of his mouth that was always stunning to hear. While my most memorable show wasn't in this year's season, it's worth mentioning -- The Furries! "She's a furry, bro!" At the time, I had no clue what was a furry. Now I know.

All right, so I need to move on. I will continue my favorite characters of 2011 in a future blog. See if you agree with me. Notice, these shows come from HBO. I do not watch commercial TV except for House on Monday nights. I believe HBO has superior programming. Sorry to the rest, but that's just my opinion.


  1. I agree, Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman, Amnesiac was the best of 2011. I loved it.

  2. I like him from the beginning but its the truth I'd discover the great actor he is this year cause Eric's change and in Melancolia. I love him now. I think he is becoming one of the greatest stars now not just cause he is handsome but cause he is a great actor too

  3. I've been saying all along that he has fantastic and brilliant talent as an actor. I think sometimes his looks overshadow that fact. Clearly, from the interviews he has given in various magazines, he is trying to pick roles so he can have longevity in his career. While many fans like to see pictures of him in private all of the time, I think his avoidance of the paparazzi is a good thing for his career. Becoming tabloid fodder isn't always beneficial and produces more celebrities who become a flash in the pan. What I recently heard was the great actors like Meryl Streep, you don't see them in the tabloids. I mean what do you really know about Streep's private life? Not much! As so staying out of the "limelight" is probably a good thing in the big scheme of things. Do fans like this? Not always. But as a private person myself, I totally understand and respect it. And I do think it is better for a serious actor.