Sunday, October 23, 2011

Your Private Life Exposed

Hey, for those of you hanging in the spotlight, I have some advice. Maybe you ought not to run around the media revealing every detail of your private life or ... here's one ... your private feelings. When you're promoting a product, book or movie or whatever, you may be asked to reveal your personal feelings on either the subject at hand (or if you're a celebrity just in general). I know I'm the biggest party pooper in the world, but truly just because you think it doesn't mean you need to say it. I am astonished over some famous people who have total loose lips about their personal lives. Why does this matter? For one thing when you talk more about your personal life than what you're supposed to be promoting, the story becomes your personality and life not the product (again book, movie, etc.). The media is more interested in those personal and sometimes scintillating details than they are to help you move the product forward. Now if the book is about your private life then it will, in fact, be effective to promote it that way. But if your book is on auto racing and you're discussing your last girlfriend and your terrible breakup ... um! No! For celebrities who want to avoid the traps of just plain go no-where celebrity, those who avoid steering into their personal lives will, for the most part, keep their lives out of the tabloids. Because here is a vital piece of information. Tabloid stars are not necessarily movie stars ... anymore. Look at tabloid headliners like Lyndsay Lohan, tabloid topic du jour. What was the last movie you saw her star in? But I promise you her personal antics star in the headlines of tabloid trash. Now this isn't always the case, but if you want the focus to stay on the work -- and not have your personality and personal life define the work then keep it private. Why am I bringing this up? Because my new book is just being formally released. California Girl Chronicles is a titillating story of career, temptations and contains lots of sex. I've already had people ask me if Brea is me. For the record, no. And you will not see me revealing anything personal in the future except to comment on the story. I have no plans to blur the lines between real and imagined. I want my readers to stay focused on the book not on my private life. You can currently order a copy on the 3L website. Or check out Brea's Blog on

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