Monday, October 24, 2011

You Become What You Think Most About

Have you ever heard that phrase? Over the years, I've seen that phrase used to help people define success. I agree with it. I do think we all become what we spend the most time thinking about. Consider what that means for a second, and I think you will find it to be true. The real question, though, is what do you think most about? Be honest not with me but with yourself. Are you thinking positive, productive thoughts? Or are you deeply insecure, nervous and anxious about what you're doing? I always try to vigilantly watch what I'm dwelling on. I know it affects so much about what I'm working on. Right now in the early infancy of the launch of my book California Girl Chronicles, I am focused on creating the buzz around the book and making it a best seller. It hit me, though, that my private thoughts were more like: If it sells okay, I'll keep doing the series." I had to give myself a wake-up call on my own very low expectations about the book. Talk about not aspiring for the stars! If it sells well I'll keep doing it?! Really? I truly had to stop and adjust my mind. I figured I'm probably putting out that message unconsciously too. How about raising the bar, right? How about: I'm going to make California Girl Chronicles a best seller!! Now that's better. Do you see the importance of changing my thoughts! I need to project my confidence, excitement and commitment to series. A hopeful wish and prayer won't do it. My thoughts and actions need to be congruent. I need to stay focused on the real goal: doing what it takes to make my captivating book California Girl Chronicles a best seller. Help me do it! Purchase your copy on the 3L website today!! Show me I'm right about the power of intention!!

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