Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Internet – Five Reasons I Can’t Live Without Thee

#1 Pandora – All music is piped in through Pandora. I work listening to music in the background all day. I have my favorite channels. My New Age channel is all instrumental music for when I’m writing (words colliding with words doesn’t work for my word-addled brain). No Internet means I must resort to (egads) CDs or my iPod. (Notice my priorities here <grin>.

#2 Email – I monitor email in the background behind my working screen. It’s how I stay proactive and responsive. My responsiveness has helped make 3L Publishing’s reputation. Now I have to use my iPhone, but I completely hate typing long missives on that tiny pad.

#3 Web – How do I do all my research for all of the books? On the Web, of course, who goes to libraries anymore? Who has time? I can sit right at my desk and do all the research I want.

#4 Social Media – I try to post to the social media at least once and sometimes twice a day. No Internet and I go back to that tiny iPhone type pad again. Didn’t I just complain about that?

#5 Marketing Tools – From my account on Constant Contact to my blog, I need the Internet access operational to use my templates. And most importantly I can’t get into my Vocus account where our media lists are contained – this is a big minus point.

Bonus Point: How can I watch my favorite You Tube Channel MyFutureLover without the Internet? I can’t “Ship Eric and Sookie! Speaking of that, anyone know what the heck “Ship” means? The moderator of this channel completely cracks me up with her “interruptions” and “commentaries”. If I had a few more hours to spare, I might create my own “Ship Brea and Kale” channel for California Girl Chronicles, but I still wouldn’t know what the whole “ship” thing means.

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