Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Expectation of Privacy for the Most Vulnerable

I am writing this in reaction to a fellow writer who changed her kid's names for her public writing. I want to praise her! I thought I was the only one who protected her children from the glare of the spotlight. It is a rule in my house that I do not discuss my family or children in public. While I do drop a few cute tidbits here and there, I firmly believe that the littlest members of my household have a right to privacy. First, we all know there are predators out there. My daughter, in particular, is very, very charismatic and beautiful. I don't want her photographed and out on display for unscrupulous people to see. Second, my children did not actively ask me to talk about them in public. It's one thing if I used social media for private use, but I use it professionally, which means I have connections to over 1,600 people most of whom I don't know. I also treat my children much the same in my newsletters and blog. I have no desire to exploit them or say something that while I might find harmless as an adult, they might not later on or it might somehow embarrass them (and God only knows what a kid can get embarrassed about). Remember, the Internet is like nuclear waste: it never goes away. While some of you might think I'm uptight, I don't care. The protection of the most vulnerable people in my life matters more. I have chosen a public life -- they have not. And until they do you won't be reading about them anytime soon.


  1. Wait till teen life hits. My daughter was 12 or so when she put her and a girl friend on YouTube one night while I was asleep! hahahaah

  2. Amen! While I do post pictures of my children, you will never see their names on my blog because you never know who might be watching. I am also very careful about disclosing our location outside of saying "Metro Atlanta" to keep the creeps away.

  3. My son is 13 and has his own iPad with a complete set of instructions from Michelle Inc. not to build a Facebook page or post stuff. In the instructions "book" it has a clause about violations and revoke of equipment. :)