Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitty Klingon

A good friend of mine suggested a fantastic way to take out my frustrations with certain people. She said I should just make them characters in my books. This suggestion made me laugh. I have this one fly that I can't seem to shoo away that has been using references to 3L as keywords. I noticed because I monitor Google pretty carefully to manage our image. Well, the pest has decided it's perfectly OK to stay "hitched to my wagon" by using our name in keywords for some online material. Those of you who know me, know exactly who I am talking about. We'll call this one Kitty Klingon. Here is a message to Kitty: focus on your own company. There how easy was that. No need to use 3L in reference to anything. The last thing I saw was some online business card in which Kitty used 3L as a keyword for searching. Here is another message Kitty: notice how 3L has zero affiliation with you. Hmm ... we could do the same thing and throw that keyword in yet (big shock), we're not interested in being affiliated with Kitty!! Kitty really doesn't know how to properly use our sandbox and did nothing but kick crap out of it. Kitty got sent to the pound a long, long time ago. So, Kitty insists on being a Klingon, we don't get it. Go away! Don't use my company for keywords. Pretend we don't exist. And we promise: we'll pretend you don't either.

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