Monday, October 10, 2011

Tips to Achieve Your Goals

Everything always works out in both life and business. You have to learn to just go with it and know that if you're meant to be doing something (you're following your passion), you will continue to prosper. I am supposed to be on this path, I know this without a doubt. How? From the very first day I decided corporate wasn't for me, I have easily attracted business. It has never been all that difficult. I'm not saying I haven't had my ups and downs, but nothing has ever challenged me to where I couldn't resolve it and put it away. Every time, I start to get nervous these days, I put away the feelings and keep moving forward. I think that is the trick: don't dwell and keep moving and forging ahead. I was out in 3L's storage area, which resembles a warehouse in Barnes and Noble, and my friend said, "How could you ever feel like you're not success? Look around! In many ways, you have done more than most people you know." I looked at my warehouse full of books and nodded. That's not it, though. I am continuing to challenge myself. I have some big goals for the year. Am I going to worry about it? No! Am I going to push those goals forward? Every single day!

Goal #1: Make California Girl Chronicles the next best-seller in contemporary romance. You all can help me with that by buying your own copy!
Goal #2: Get the script Beauty School sold and produced into a comedy by attracting the right people to the project.
Goal #3: Get California Girl Chronicles written into a pilot to be pitched to Showtime or HBO (prefer HBO).

What are your goals? Do you know them like I do? If you don't, you should. And remember, if you're following your passion and actively going for it, you can't lose. P.S., I am a huge networker. If you know someone who can help me push my goals forward, email me at

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