Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is this All Women Care About?

Today's curiosity: Why do almost 90 percent of all women's magazine feature nothing but beauty products?  Is that all women care about? According to publisher's row in NYC, it sure looks that way. Here is what I've learned as I've gamely pitched PR campaigns to women's interests magazines. Did you know that beauty products are wearable? Yes, there is a category called "Wearable Beauty Products." I see that "specialty" listed under the responsibilities of many women's book editors. I am assuming when we say wearable, we're talking about jewelry? But how is jewelry a beauty product? It looks good on? For some reason when I visualize wearable beauty products, I flash to a backpack loaded with cosmetics. Oh speaking of cosmetics, that my girlfriends is yet another popular category. We women seem to have a popular interest in cosmetics, as many editors write about nothing but make-up. It did flash through my mind today also that you just don't see any male journalists who write about black eyeliner. Other assortment of interests apparently captivating to women are celebrities and what they wear. Dozens of editors cover that topic too.

Do you know how hard it is to pitch a serious women's book? When we apparently live in a culture where women only care about skin care and mascara, not many magazines cater to more literate and business-like subject matter. As I was culling through the women's media, I realized I really ought to get cracking on my next beauty book -- because it seems that's all that women care about. Is that really true? I suppose by sheer number of publication dedicated to these subjects, it sure must be. What does that say about us?

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