Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making Great First Impressions

Fall comes to the Sierras.
Last night I went to the Reno chapter of eWomen to network and spent some time with some of my favorite gal pals. Kymberlee Symantel, executive director, gave an interesting presentation on first impressions. Did you know we have seven seconds to win people over with our first impression? Yes, seven whole seconds isn't much time. You would be surprised what can turn off people in so little time. Want to know some of the things on the list (and all of them do involve your senses): bad breath (so keep those little mints on hand), your appearance (women shoes ... scuffed shoes are out ... and wardrobe ... so get rid of those balled-up sweaters), overall appearance, too much perfume (strong smells), too loud or soft voices, personal space zone violations, and so much more. After you read that list, you may think it's any wonder we ever connect with anyone. What it really tells you is to go out and network or meet with clients and keep your very best appearance. Throw out clothes that make you uncomfortable or are ratty and abused; toss those old Payless shoes (please), and even watch what your handbag looks like. I know this one gal who brags how much money she makes and totes around this mangled purse. Even if you love that purse, get rid of it. It screams the opposite message than what you want to project.

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