Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tweet, Share, Like, Dislike, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in -- Aaaahhh

Social media is a lot of work. I Tweeted that yesterday, but it is. I finally broke down and began to focus on my much-neglected Twitter account that had like two followers. I gradually over the last few days began to build up followers, and I imagine I will be working on that for the next few weeks. It wouldn't be so time consuming if I weren't also involved keeping my fan page going, sharing on Facebook, and occasionally accepting a new colleague on Linked-In. Lest we also forget that I'm blogging here and now I have Brea's blog going on It's madness I tell you. Yes, these accounts are linked (the first thing people say all of the time); but you can't simply link accounts and voile! Your time has been magically saved. Neglecting to follow people on Twitter only resulted in one thing -- no followers for me. Blogging is another task that you can't ignore. Heck! I blog every day and I'm still pining away over my lack of followers here (hint, hint). Finally you ask, "Why are you so committed if it takes so much time?" Because I need to demonstrate as I build the platform for California Girl Chronicles that I have a real following! I am marketing! I am building that valuable platform. And more importantly, I do for real have a following (hint, hint ... again LOL). What's the lesson for you? The same efforts with social media need to go into your book or business. Social media is the new marketing tool. You cannot neglect it. You cannot use it to promote your trip to the bar. You cannot avoid building a real following in favor of keeping only friends associated with it. Not having a social media presence is only comparable to having a business and not having a website. And don't gleefully raise your hand if you don't have one of those either (you don't look good ... I'm just saying).

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