Monday, October 17, 2011

California Girl Party Recap

I'm definitely going to post the party pictures when they come in from the photographer who snapped away all night. The California Girl Chronicles book launch was a success. I thought for the sake of giving out tips, I'll share with you how I drew a crowd so if you have any kind of product or book launch, you can get the room buzzing.

1. Leverage social media -- I built an Event page and then took the time to invite my 1600 "friends" to the party. You should open your social media page to the public if you intend to build a real following. I don't use social media for my personal posts. I use it strictly to network. Because I use it for business, most people on there are networking with me.

2. -- I run a writer's group titled Writers Who Mean Business. I have about 340 members of the group. I made sure I posted the notice on the group page as well.

3. eVite -- My personal friends were invited using eVite. Notice I am not using any paper in this process. It's all electronic and works fantastic. Use eVite particularly when you want to discern who you invite and keep your party private.

4. Newsletter and Blog -- I posted the announcement and information in both my newsletter and blog. I also made sure I kept everyone updated on progress.

5. Timing -- I also made sure I posted my event announcement early but not too early to compete with other numerous events going on around town. I made sure I followed up the week of the event too.

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