Sunday, October 9, 2011

Never Ask Permission and a Star Will be Born

Maybe it's the way I think, but I don't ask permission if I want to do something. I don't run around and ask people what they think of what I'm going to do. I don't ask anyone anything, I just do it. Every book I've written, I didn't ask anyone what they thought about whether or not I should do it. I didn't survey. I didn't query. I just wrote. In all fairness, I do review the market and study what's selling. I do this on my own. When I decided to write California Girl Chronicles, it was a market-driven decision that kind of went backwards, which is unusual for me. We were watching a show on CNN and a ticker said the eBook market was rapidly growing -- and of that rapidly growing market opportunity, 56 percent of those sales were going to the romance market. And thus, a California Girl was born. I had tinkered with thoughts of doing a novel, but I didn't specifically know where I was going to take it. And the wonderful title of the series, like so many other titles, just popped into my mind. For the record, I am a true California girl myself born and raised in the Golden State. I am also a screenwriter. And again for the record, that is all my heroine and I have in common. The rest is pure fiction. Brea is so hopelessly misguided. She is the dark side of judgment. Her conflicts and failing come from a lack of self-control. She's missing brakes, but what I love about the character is that she's a hopeless romantic that while she can't seem to find the emergency brakes, she does stupid things out of seeking love. Books are just now starting to weave into circulation, but the true release date for the eBooks is November and print will release in January. For those of you who hit the cliffhanger, no worries. Brea's Big Break, book two, releases next spring. I will give you a few spoilers. The second book delves into the politics of Hollywood, and you get to spend time on the set with Brea. She also takes some wild adventures with her new boy toys. If you would like a copy of the current book, it's available on 3L's website while supplies last. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until January for the print version.

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