Friday, October 21, 2011

Since We're on the Subject ... Is this Even Possible?

All right so my new book California Girl Chronicles shows the other more feminine side of the sexual antics, I thought I would comment on an article I just read about celebrities and their "bed" count (and in some cases it might almost be as high as the sheet's thread count). One celeb was quoted as having had bedded some 20,000 women in his sexual career. Oh man! And oh my! How does one accomplish such a feat is the question of the day. I would imagine there are only so many days in the year. I'm thinking you're getting laid at least once, twice or thrice daily at least. I have a few important and critical questions about these bragging rights. One, how do you find the time? Two, how do you find all of the bed partners? Three, how do you have the energy? And four, isn't that maybe a little boring after a while? Just asking.

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