Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Plumbing Party?

I get invited to so many events, I could spend my entire day at one event or the other. Social media floods invitations into my in-box daily. The funniest event I just got invited to was a "Plumber" party. Yes, did you read that right? A plumber is throwing a "plumbing" party. When my plumbing has risen to the status that it now qualifies for a party I just have to scratch my head and ask, "Really?" Why do I need to celebrate my plumbing? I guess I am just not giving enough reverence or revelry apparently to the kitchen or bathroom sink. I know I have to sit on the "throne," but really that's not a party either. What's next, a carpet party? Hey, how about a linoleum party? You know we can all get out on the dance "floor-ing". I mean really people, my plumbing, foundation or roof do not need a party. I'm just saying.

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