Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Image Tips from 3L Publishing

Outfit courtesy of White House Black Market
Here is what I said at the California Girl Chronicles launch party: "You can't write a sexy book and then turn around and show up at your party and look like a frump." No, you can't wear a housecoat sorry friends. No curlers either. Oh, and forget the cigarette hanging out your mouth. Although in this day and age no cigarettes ever ... frump or not. No Wild Turkey in one hand either and a Tequila shot in the other. (Ugh can you imagine drinking those together?) Instead, you keep the image to match the book, and off you go to the likes of White House Black Market in the Roseville Fountains where Lynn Pearce's gang dressed me from head to toe. I wanted to be sexy but not slutty (wrong message too). It has to be believable that as the original "California Girl" from whom all the imagination and story comes from that you can honestly buy the idea that I know what I'm talking about. Your image is a part of the package. What you project matters. And yes, there is a vast difference between being sexy and chic and just tacky and cheap. I didn't write a book on being tacky and cheap, and I suppose I wouldn't have necessarily tried to project that image if I did. The bottom line: your image matters whether you're going in for a job interview or hosting your book launch party. Project the right one.

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