Friday, October 21, 2011

Just Write It Will Be Okay!

So many writers I know are so nervous, timid or fearful about their work. They don't feel the confidence to "just put it out there," as one writer said to me in the email. If you write and keep it private by choice that is fine. But if you write and feel too insecure, worried or nervous to show the world, what's the point? I do want to emphasize, if you write for fun and don't show people it really is fine. It's only when you have a desire to publish -- and you let your own concerns hold you back that it's time to just sit down, decide to write that first book, and get on with it. When you're done, if you truly are worried it's not good enough to "put out there" then have someone like a writing coach look it over and provide feedback. 3L Publishing provides coaching services (FYI) where writers get one-on-one attention, support, accountability and guidance to create their best work. What amazes me is that "talent" sometimes isn't even the defining point between getting published or not. I work with many non-authors who leverage our skills to publish a book, because their objective is to publish a book. These business people aren't taking the endeavor personally -- and that's the key. They see a book as a means to an end -- something to give them more opportunities. Other writers, interestingly enough, who are personally vested in their work are doing exactly what they should not do -- taking it personally. They are not looking at it like a business. They somehow falsely believe that their work will reveal something about a talent they thought they had -- and rejection will somehow suggest their belief about their abilities was false. A rejection would kick them in the face and send them reeling in disappointment. Am I right? You might be nodding right now. So here is my advice: If you want to be a novelist or a non-fiction writer, take your personal feelings out of it. In this case, it is business. Then you treat it like a business and do what it takes to succeed -- and if that includes a coach to help you make it your best professional attempt, then call us at 916-300-8012 or send an email to

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