Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Like Sex and Candy

So, now that I've written this erotic romance, California Girl Chronicles, and it's slowly weaving out to its audience, I've become reflective about it ... after the fact. Hmm ... maybe I should have been more pensive about before the fact. I am actually a little nervous about the critics. I've been very careful to position the book in the press as pure "candy". Why am I nervous? Well, if you review this book from a serious literary perspective I'm afraid you're in for a big letdown. If you read the book from an expectation that you'll have a good time then it's all A-okay. I wrote California Girl Chronicles as pure escapist fun. I also decided to be erotic with the sex without going into porno. The decision was a business choice. We are a funny culture. We're still repressed about sexuality in many ways, but at the same time, we just love our "sex and candy"; we just don't like to admit it. I've decided that like using Botox, I'm just going to confess it -- and there she's goes. The public confession comes your way via my book. I've started joking around (although I'm not really joking) that I don't like to use my imagination. And I bet while many of you wouldn't be so open about it, you don't like to either. I say let's see the romance and the sex -- that's okay with me. I don't want anything hardcore (now that's the plain truth) but I do like to see my favorite romantic characters get entangled. It's fantasy and fun. In the course of writing my book, I found that it was (and is since I'm writing book two) a blast to write. What do they say, no tears in the writer no tears in the reader? Well, if the writer isn't having fun how can she expect the reader to enjoy the ride?

And then at the end of the day, the decision to write the book was, in fact, a business decision. Did you know that 56% of all eBooks sold are in the romance genre? The eBook market is growing at a rapid clip. Right now, it's at about $18 million expected to rise to $40+ billion (yes, that with a B) in 2015. While erotic romance isn't considered mainstream fiction, a large part of that market will want to NOT use their imaginations (just like me) -- and hence, I anticipate some fantastic sales on California Girl. So, here is the deal: If you want to just have fun, read something frothy, and not use your imagination, order your advanced copy of California Girl on the 3L Publishing website.

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