Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Strangest Contest: The Girl Who Takes the Best Drugs Sleeps with the Guy

“You came in with Drew?” she asked or said, whichever, because it sounded more like a statement to me since it was obvious who I had walked in the door with.
“Um, yes,” I said as I turned toward her.
“Yeah, I screwed him last time his band played on the Strip,” she said matter of fact like she was admitting she had just eaten a Big Mac, which unhinged me a little. “You want some X?” she asked as she extended the baggy with pills out toward me. “It will make your sex with him way better!”
I wanted to be sarcastic, but it wasn’t her fault he was a male ho-bag and she was a drug-using slut — or maybe it was her fault, that is, the drugs and slut part. “No thanks,” I replied.
“OK, but you know Drew likes drugs, right?” she said as if she and Drew were best buddies.
I really didn’t know what to make of this whole scene. Did she really know Drew? Or was this some kind of strange contest where the girl who takes the best drugs sleeps with the guy?

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