Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What You Should Know About Traditional Publishing

Most authors have big dreams about receiving a major advance and winning the lotto big time with their best-selling book. It's a nice dream, right? Well in today's ever-changing publishing world, you now have many options to chose from, but realize that hitting the NY Times Best Seller list is just as difficult as it is to win Lotto no matter what method you chose. I thought I would take a moment to distill three important things every author should know about going the traditional publishing route:

1. You have to get an agent -- and that is just the first layer of qualification. It can be quick and easy to get a literary agent or it can be just as tough as getting a publisher. You might be weeks or months away from getting an agent.

2. Once you get an agent, you're still playing the time game -- the agent then has to shop your manuscript to the publishing houses. This is a game of waiting for one person to read and vet and pass to the next person to read or vet. Then it goes back down the line as a yes or no. If you happen to get the much-anticipated "yes," don't expect instant gratification.

3. A "yes" is only the first step and you're still 18-24 months off of publication -- so a "yes" is just a "yes" and it means you are at least 36 months off of every seeing those so-called Lotto funds, that is, if your book sells. And guess what else? You will only make a mere 10-12 percent per book sale. You also deal with buy-backs and returns that eat away at those royalties, too.

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