Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Give it 100% Extra Percent for Success

I've had a rich and full life. I've been fortunate, blessed and talented enough to follow every passion and succeed probably because it is my passion. I successfully blazed my own trail into publishing because I love it -- every aspect of it. I have to say the only element I don't like is paperwork ;). Who does, right? My whole life, though, is about passion. People who either are close to me personally or professionally always feel like I center my energy on them. I do in the way that when you're in my space, I'm 200% invested in how I can help you. Your success matters to the 3L team. We believe that your success is our success and your failure is our failure. I had clients shocked at how responsive I am when they send requests for service. My whole team operates at that level. I'm like that personally, too. I go out of my way to do everything at 200%. There is a book called The 1 Percent that suggests that if you give it just that one extra percent you will succeed beyond your wildest imagination. Well, I believe you should go so much further ... try another 100%. Go above and beyond in everything you do and the fruits and rewards will be worth it.

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