Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Conquering California Girl Returns!

Identity -- I started letting other people's comments about things like my blogger picture that I thought was fun up-end my confidence. How silly of me. I liked my blogger picture, as I felt it reflected my out-there personality and fun-loving nature. Who would you rather work with? An uptight corporate suite or fun me? I think fun me is way, way better ;). I took those photos to reflect the author of California Girl Chronicles, because let's just say if you're going to write a fun, racy book, your image should at the very least match. I mean come on now sexy for sexy ... just saying. I do find it really funny when you see a clearly introverted author who has a racy book, though -- now that is ironic. Well, the last few months have weighed me down quite a bit. But it's time to shift, get ready and go! We've got a very exciting summer ahead I must say. We're re-tooling the California Girl Chronicles pilot with the goal to make it a top five cable show ... lofty, but amazing goal I know will be achieved. I've seen the re-tooled first 10 pages, which are nothing short of amazing. Book 2, Brea's Big Break is on hold over a bookstore snafu that delayed its formal release. One of these days, it will formally release, but I'm a little unclear on that one. All right and today I made some big, bold moves all just for me. And it made me feel really, really great! I won't tell what I did (wink), but it was just for me! Nobody else! And sometimes you have to do the little things to just take care of yourself. Want to work with a smart, sassy and fun publisher? Drop me an email at, and I will gladly see how I can help you ... oh, and you will have fun!!!

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