Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday ... I Have to Blog ... Ack! OK ... Boundaries

I try to blog every day, and some days it's just not that easy. As I am a woman in habitual transformation with a mind that, according to close friends, goes 10,000 miles an hour (and they are right), I am always ready to change and move forward if it's for the best. So today's topic of infamy boundaries ... or shall I say the lack thereof (LOL). I am generally assertive and then soft, too. Bo, our operations manager, said, "I have watched you do both right in front of me." For about two years now, I have struggled with setting better boundaries in all facets of my life and business. Now the cool part is that Bo works the hard line boundaries on the business. She does things I consider essentially unpleasant (collections anyone). Now I am asserting some personal boundaries, too. And I want to say that it's super important that you draw some lines in order to get what you need and want in this life. I have been terrible at getting what I need. I ask, and then I ask, and then I ask ... and then ... nope. I wish I could tell you this one story that is like a metaphor for failure, but it's too private and I can't share. But this happened about seven months ago. I asked someone important to me for something really, really basic. What do you think happened? Not good my friends. In the past, I never seemed to have my "enough" points. When is enough, enough? That's just the fundamental and beautiful question, and unlike in the movie The Mexican where the answer is there is no enough, I totally disagree. I have an enough point, and now the goal is just to say what is the boundary and when is enough, enough! When the boundaries are crossed or not met -- so simple, isn't it? We all need boundaries! We all need goals! And we all need to know what we want -- and what we don't want.

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