Monday, June 25, 2012

True Blood, Season 5, Episode Three -- Review

Wow! I must be totally devoted, tireless or just nuts ... I am not up to posting this blog at all ;). But here I go anyway. Last night, my favorite show True Blood episode three aired. I've loved this season very much, but now I have to say the part of the story that just was sort of the "ew" factor: the chancellor bedded three men in one night. Who exactly was the whore in that episode? Pam who slept with Eric and actually displayed genuine affection or the chancellor who bedded Bill, Eric and the supreme one whatever his name is? Mind you, the chancellor is drop-dead gorgeous (obviously) and quite seductive (obviously), but here is the slang for that: really? And the "sloppy seconds" comment from Bill, hilarious, poor taste and true. What about that just didn't work for me? Story lines working just fine: Jason comes to his sexual reckoning that maybe he did have a big "hole" that he was unsuccessfully trying to fill with sex. His ability to over the course of his character arc "grow up," and Jessica's sweet-natured offer to back off the sex and just be a good friend ... nice! That said some great things for both characters and their potential future. Tara going off into vampire hysteria! Perfect for her character and true to her human "nature." Sookie's grief and confession to Alcide about Debbie ... I don't know on that one. I'm kind of stuck in the middle of my thoughts. Sookie has in some ways become far less interesting than the show's other characters, which is a big, bad error on the Alan Ball team's side. She has lost her "glue" as the show's center by taking her out of the vampire world either temporarily or not. I recommend a solid re-tool there before you lose the central core to the show. It's "Sookie's world" after all! The only comparison I can make is to taking my character Brea in the California Girl Chronicles out of her own book series! What is then the point?

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