Saturday, June 9, 2012

Four Reasons A Book is Good for Business

Some clients but not all are surprised when I say this, “Did you know that having a book is better and even costs less than a full-color brochure?” Some color brochures can cost up to $10 a copy while a standard-sized book can cost anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 a copies, depending on the page count and quantity ordered. Here are three very good reasons you should consider writing or having a book ghost written for your business.

Speaking opportunities – a book makes you an instant expert. Yes, even if its mere perception, people believe those who have written a book are now experts on whatever subject and will ask you to come speak to their groups, organizations or associations.

Speaking equals cash in the door. The opportunity to speak in front of a group equals more business. You are perceived as an expert in your business, and people will want to know more about your business and ask for meetings, which often leads to more business and more cash in the door to sustain business.

A book gives your business more exposure. You now have something newsworthy to promote to the media.  You can get stories and even book reviews that put your company’s name out there in the press and give you visibility and exposure to the masses. More visibility equals more interest in your company. More interest in your company means more business for your company.

Books are sold and not just given away, which gives you a passive revenue stream. Even if you give your book away, you can count on one thing – people generally will throw away a brochure, but how often do you see a book go into the trash? You can now sell your book on Amazon or bookstores or even eBook it and sell it on Kindle, iBook or Nook. 

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