Friday, June 22, 2012

California Girl Chronicles and What is Energy Work?

I want to promote and support Sara Grace, who does what is called "energy work." Sara is a healer, and she is very gifted. I went into the process not really knowing what to expect or how it would be done from a distance. It's a deeply personal process so I won't get into the particulars, but I did want to share it with my readers. She had warned the next day I might be sick and prone to some unexpected emotional moments. Well, I actually felt super clear the next day, but I did get a few odd emotional, unexpected moments and at odd times. The clarity and grounded feelings real kept me in a peaceful place and enabled me to identify and move through some necessary things. I will tell you, she didn't tell me exactly when she was "going to go in on me," she just said she would about a certain time. I am not kidding here, I knew exactly when she went on me. It was impressive! And it was rather unpleasant in a good way. I felt so great yesterday, and I still feel really great today even though I have a few issues bothering me that I hope will eventually resolve, but I intend to give those issues zero negative impact anymore. The energy work really helped me sort of understand and then come to a point of clarity on self work. I'm a pretty amazing person! We're all amazing. And we all have incredible gifts. It makes me feel joyful and happy to ground back in my own energy and know that soon I will be running the room the way I've always been able to run the room. We have some production meetings come up for California Girl Chronicles, the energy and the re-ground within myself will enable me to hold my own with what I presume will probably be mostly male executives (or maybe not ... one can hope). I also have a message for the independent producer on the project (who doesn't read this blog), watch out! That woman you saw swing into the meeting the first time we met is squarely back! I will and am holding my own space again!! If you would like to work with Sara Grace, please call her at 916-337-3561 and she will review what she does. I highly recommend her.

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