Monday, June 4, 2012

A Little Help to Clear the Mental Clutter

First a little side note about getting a little mental assist with some good prescribed drugs. I was always anti-psyche drugs. No thank you and when people would suggest things like Zoloft and Paxcil. I've never taken anything on the premise that my positive-thinking brain can do it on its own. Well, anyone going through not one but two but three major life changes in one year who finds their minds racing like it's on the track in Daytona, let me tell you something, you might have a change of heart. My cousin, who also had a similar experience, urged me to try one pill ... just one and see what I thought. After weeks of sleeplessness and what one could only describe as completely erratic behavior, I woke up the next day and guess what? I felt like my old self. My mind was settled. I was rational. I slept beautifully. Even today when I'm not sure what the status of a certain situation is, I usually would start asking, "Hey what's up?" Nope! I'm in a sort of quieted Zen land where the what's up can be waited on. The mental clarity is astounding. I don't feel desperate or sad or near tears (weeks of crying friends is exhausting). If the situation today goes south then I will simply shrug and make different plans. If I had been in this situation a week ago with no assist, I would have vacillated between tears, sorrow and desperation. I am by no means suggesting you all go out and get on a lifetime prescription to Audivan. But if you need a tune-up and some help with your brain chemistry to settle down those speed-racer thoughts, it's good for a simple reboot and rethink. Some might argue with me about this theory, but I am living, breathing proof that it works. And no worries, I'll return back to my positive-thinking brain skills!

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  1. Trial & error as a way of life...I can dig it.