Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Morning Musings

I can't believe it's Friday already. I have no idea where the week went. Now that I am living in Southern California, I am adjusting to my new world. LA is so LA ... that is the most accurate statements. It's a whole other culture here, but most people know that already, as it has been so well depicted in classic movies like the hilarious LA Story, which is still one of my favorites.

I was out last night with a girlfriend, and I am one of these people who typically gets engrossed in conversations and quits noticing everything around her. I got to the restaurant a little early and was texting back and forth with my friends when I looked up and really started to notice the crowd. A mixture of familiar faces, as many of them I'm sure were D-level actors and actresses, and just the "artist" scene. Lots of guys with chiseled cheekbones or long hair that they would flip like girls over their shoulders. I just had to laugh. You know I consider myself an artist, too, but I don't put pretense around it. I love what I do -- I am a writer and publisher. It's that simple and straightforward. I write (and if you're a true writer you get it) because it's just who I am and how I express myself. Putting on "artistic" airs means nothing to me. Watching the women come in that restaurant who were a mixture of ages was pretty interesting, too. The older ones looked "worked" on and the younger ones were wearing fashions like ripped jeans (are those still in style?). I've never understood the whole, I pay $200 for a pair of ripped pants. Hey, you can rip your own jeans for free.

It was crowded and interesting to people watch, which kept me well entertained for another 15 minutes until my friend arrived, and then there was the Australian guy who thought that asking to borrow our free chair was the perfect pick-up line. He starts trying to chat us up over a chair! Yeah, how scintillating is that? My girlfriend in true style just looked at him, said practically nothing, and that seemed to send his energy elsewhere. Try that sometime. Throw off your energy at men you don't want around that just says "go away." Works like a Lucky Charm every single time. I'll never forget the one jerk who once walked up to our table and asked, "Do you want to hear a dirty joke?" (Yeah, buddy great conversation starter.) Me being the true ice queen when I'm revolted by bad behavior said, "No!" And left it at that. Poor guy didn't know what to do with himself, and my girlfriends started rolling with laughter.

So how's your Friday? And if you want to work with a publisher who doesn't pay $200 for ripped jeans, please always feel free to send me an email at

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