Friday, June 29, 2012

Thank You Angel Friend! And Script Doctoring

Anyone out there going through a divorce? Now say with me all at once, "Divorce sucks!" I think that is an understatement, but hey! I don't use profanity on the blog, so there you go! Actually, I am making myself chuckle here. It's good to laugh when laughter seems so far from reach. The changes on my script California Girl Chronicles written by the script doctor just made me laugh till I wanted to cry. He is so gifted, but I can't use his name for a number of very good reasons. It reminded of me of a bawdy Friends episode ... and that says an interesting comment on our combined skills. I was told by a little bird, he thinks I'm an excellent storyteller. Thank you! I think he is an excellent screenwriter ... just calling a genius a genius is all. Like my blog love-fest or what?! Well, in sharing I am cheering myself up, and I'm letting you know that the script is progressing.

And I'm taking my despair over a terrible, brutal and divorce air out into the energetic world to release the energy. So let me loop this back around ... divorce really sucks! I'm listening to an old Cars song right now ... ironically ... "Let the Good Times Roll ..." yeah baby! You want to know what I am really, really excited about ... a friend of mine didn't want me to spend 4th of July all alone. So, he volunteered to keep me company ... isn't that nice? You need friends in this world. And sometimes, I think the Universe and my angel guides sit quietly, nod, and say, "Hey you over here! Go be over here! She needs some friendship!" Isn't that kind of cool, and I'm grateful it works that way. My friend is going through a divorce, too, and said some profound things to me. He said, "I remember those days of being yelled at and told lots of negative things. It sucks! It hurts! It is hard to hear. You are not all of those things!" THANK YOU ANGEL FRIEND!

If you would like your script coached and doctored, please send an email to or call 916-300-8012. 

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