Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dear Mattell,

I have a really big question. I visited your Mattel headquarters store in Los Angeles. Well, I as an indignant eight-year-old girl realized that you sell all of your Polly Pockets alone in each package. Well, I object! How can you sell my poor girl Polly all zipped in a sealed plastic container with no one to talk to? Polly deserves a friend on her voyage, and you have left her all alone. You didn't even put in a Paul. She can't even start a family! Ah! So upsetting. And let me point out, she hasn't had a friend since you invented her. I am so upset. I think I need to start a "Give-Polly-a-Friend" movement. Everyone should have someone even if it's an hermetically sealed plastic package.

Your Upset Friend,

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