Monday, June 18, 2012

True Blood Season 5, Episode 2 ... Another Winner

I am telling you, Season 5 of True Blood is hitting them right out of the ballpark. Finally! Instead of focusing on non-vampire-related story lines, Alan Ball reigned it back in. Now we're cooking with bloody good, silver-infused torture! Oh yeah baby rock that storyline with the Authority and torture no less. What creative and demented minds came up with the silver concoction to torture vamps into submission? Yeah, you writers knock yourselves out. I am duly impressed. Now add the nice touch of finally filling in the blank of how Pam and Eric Northman met in San Francisco, 1905, and you've just got this one being hit out of the ballpark. Anything Pam and Eric ... all good. Now follow this up with Tara's insane outrage at having been turned against her will, and you've just got the makings for a fantastic, hyper-fueled romp into True Blood land. I had driven home last night after nearly eight hours in the car and not feeling well, but I tell you this episode managed to keep me glued, eyes open, attention on even though my bed beckoned me. I will re-watch this fantastic episode On-Demand. All I can say is, bring it on! I can't wait till next week as we start to explore the Russell Edgington storyline.

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