Friday, June 1, 2012

How to Submit Your Book Ideas and Manuscripts to 3L Publishing

It's Friday, and I'm already trying to think of something fun to entertain you with. Let's start with the wacky submissions I get to 3L Publishing that make me scratch my head. Every now and then I will have authors who just don't understand submission protocols. So, before I share the good, the bad and the atrocious, let me first share the right way to submit.

If you have a manuscript, please send the following to

  • A sample chapter (preferably chapter 1)
  • A 300 word synopsis that explains the summary of the story
  • If it's a non-fiction book, your synopsis should explain what topic is going to discuss, how it will do it, and why it's unique
  • If you've really gone deep enough on the business side, a marketing plan is welcome, too
Here is what I don't want to see:
  • A full manuscript with that 400 maybe 500 words long with the expectation from the author that essentially demands: please read my entire book and give me feedback. Just so you know, I don't have enough time in the day to run my company and read brief samples let alone read your entire book AND give you feedback.
  • A designed manuscript with low-end clip art and design construction that you are demanding I publish "as-is" ... please look in the 3L catalog. All of the books are consistently designed at a high-quality standard and by the same design team. We don't publish homemade books and publish them under the 3L logo. We have a reputation to maintain. And I know maybe this hurts your feelings because your kid took a graphics class and is talented, but truly that is not professional -- and frankly is the last justification that I as a professional even want to hear in the first place. 
If you are interested in submitting a correctly formatted manuscript and synopsis, please send it to: info@3LPublishing. We have a 24-hour response time to let you know whether this project would fit in our catalog. Visit the website at You can also purchase my book on publishing titled Vanity Circus either on the 3L website or Amazon.

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