Thursday, June 21, 2012

California Girl Chronicles Update and News

I have to tell you, I'm just all skewed with this summer stuff. After spending a lifetime in 100-plus-boiling-my-behind-off Sacramento weather, these tepid Marina del Rey temperatures throw me off. I keep expecting the flowers to bloom into spring, and then I realized, "Hey! I think I missed spring all together - and it's summer!" I will have to adjust to this new-found steady, unchanging temperature thing. I do have to secretly tell you I am so happy to never have to turn on my heat or A/C - that saves a heap of money for sure. And speaking of things throwing me off, OMG I have learned a huge, huge lesson on herding 10 Powerful Women aka lionesses not cats! First, let me just make you laugh: you know you don't herd lions, right? And enough said ...

In other really amazing news the book Under the Sycamores came out, and I'm just pleased as the punch and bowl combined with how great it looks. We did this special soft-cover edition thing with the flaps, and it looks just incredible. It has to be up there with A Feast at the Beach in terms of the look and feel - and the sweet, incredible story. It has an Italian ethnic quality to it, too. I'm just a happy, happy publisher about this one. I highly recommend you go to the 3L website and pick up your own copy. It's an outstanding piece of fiction and so tender, well written and beautiful ... enjoy! We've also had a number of queries for new business - and ironically many on divorce books! Really? Really Universe, do you really want me to hash out divorce stuff in book after book? Probably and absolutely LOL ... never ignore the Universe, right?

In California Girl Chronicles TV pilot news, my producer has been working on this one with due diligence. We haven't discussed details yet, but I know he (being the aggressive and amazing man he is) put out pitches to some 20-plus production companies. We've also been re-tooling the pilot (well, he has LOL but I'll have a go at it soon). Why does this matter right now? Because it's pilot-pitch season, and now one of his other goals is to go find an actress to attach and see what actresses are attached to what production companies. I made an emphatic statement that the only thing I feel strongly about is Brea's physicality (those of you who have read the book know how important that is). I've read the first 10 re-tooled pages, and it looks and reads absolutely amazing. You want to know what a "real" script reads like? Yep! He has this way with the rhythm and what he calls the "emotional highs and lows" and "beat" points that makes it almost like you're indeed watching the actual show. It's quite impressive to read the difference - and I'm very happy he's on my team. He doesn't read the newsletter (he's not a subscriber), but I thank him anyway. If you want a script coach, he's available - and he's quite talented. And I want you to know, he is only doing this, because he wants to work with me and my team. So, you shouldn't expect this will stay or that it is in normal. He has his own TV show in the works. If you want to seize the day, send an email to and reference script coaching. 

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