Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Release: Under the Sycamores

The new book Under the Sycamores, written by first-time novelist Michael Perrotta, asks many deep, spiritual questions about love, fidelity, and the choices we make when we come to a fork in the road and have to decide which direction would best serve us. Sometimes we choose the obvious right choice that will take us deeper and into the next level of our lives, and sometimes we stay the course and may wonder if that was the right one. Now during 2012, which is considered a major transition year, many people are taking hard looks at their lives and making these choices — so this book is very timely and will resonate with many people who stand at similar forks.

Under the Sycamores is the deeply personal heartfelt love story about Emilia, a married woman, who meets her “anima gemella” or “twin soul” Nicholas, and over a long weekend they form an inexplicable, unforgettable bond. Emilia must deal with morals, obligations and responsibilities as she fights her true desire to be with this man with whom she shares a forbidden love. While love blossoms under the shadow of infidelity and betrayal, Emilia and Nicholas ultimately must find a way to life’s own course.

Under the Sycamores addresses important themes about how we all come to the fork in the road and wonder if we chose the right path, how our lives would be different. Or we take the opposite route, is it too late to change course in life? Or as the book so eloquently says, “Not who you are. What you’ve become. There’s a difference. Who you are — belongs with me!” Questions like this are paramount on many people’s minds these days, and Under the Sycamores evokes consideration of what is the right course to take by illustrating possibility what some might consider the least satisfactory course, which denies raw passion, love and fulfillment of a different nature.

Under the Sycamores retails for $19.95 for the print version, which is available on Amazon, 3L Publishing’s website (, and the Author’s websites at or It will be release into the bookstores in summer 2012. For more information, contact Michelle Gamble-Risley at 916.300.8012.

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