Saturday, February 18, 2012

You Sunk My Battleship!

I love Eric and Sookie Lovers website (big shout out to Erika, the site administrator). A new article reposted on the site basically suggests that the forthcoming Battleship is an "art house" piece (see article). I hate to say this, but the trailers of the movie don't resemble something "arty" for sure. In fact, every time I've seen the trailers it looks more like Transformers Lost at Sea. I used to play Battleship with my brother when I was kid. So, I guess the preview didn't exactly fit what I expected to see. Maybe a more traditional war movie perhaps between, say, battleships? Not marines vs. aliens, which is a quirky switch up from last summer's Cowboys and Aliens, which I got dragged into seeing and wasn't particularly impressed. A bunch of old cowboys fussing over the aliens and a pretty girl. Here is what I secretly hope: that Alexander Skarsgard's quote that it's an art house movie means it harkens more toward the amazing, richly told Avatar. Now that would be quite something. I loved Avatar, which contained real relationships, real story telling, and plenty of action and adventure to keep you riveted well over the two hours. Unfortunately, if the trailer says anything, I'm questioning that fact. Of course, I realize the trailer is the "sizzle" to the steak or sometimes just the sizzle to the chicken ... day-old chicken. But like the rest of America, I won't find out until May while Europe gets to see it in April. Well, the good news is I'm sure the critics will weigh in on the film's true appeal. Rest assured, I will go out and support my favorite actor no matter what ... or maybe I'll watch it on DVD you know if it's not so good.

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